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20 years of experience backing our clients

VDOS Stochastics is born

VDOS was created in Madrid with the objective of providing financial information services based on technology for the asset management industry.

The database of domestic investment funds, foreign collective investment institutions and pension funds is launched, as well as the repository of legal documentation and monthly factsheets. Every single client has exploitation access to a VD Fondos / VD Pensiones Workstation.

Comparator, VDOS Classification and customized services

VDOS launches the Comparator, a pioneering comparison tool in the industry at the time, and develops other customized web services. It also defines the methodology for the VDOS Categorization and the VDOS Rating, in order to facilitate the analytical tasks of financial institutions.

Unique platform of information services and tool

With the aim of facilitating customer service and implementation of continuous improvements, VDOS develops quefondos Servicios Institucionales, a web platform suited to the needs of asset management companies, distributors and depositary institutions. The database of SICAVs is launched.

New services and analysis

Investigación de mercado or Negocio institucional are some of the services that are incorporated to cover the new needs of the sector. At the same time, we generate reports and market studies on investment funds, pension plans and investment companies, becoming a source of reference in the sector.

With the objective of promoting financial culture among private investors, quefondos.com is created to facilitate access to the most complete and up-to-date information.

We keep on working

We keep on working on improvement of services, with an open and flexible vision that allows innovation, as well as helping our customers with our quality services offering.